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World of Thanks to this Site!


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Hi all!


     This is my first posting on this site...I hope I do it well. I wanted to thank you all for the enormous amount of information you have 


provided on this site. Of particular gratitude.....to BMC100--definitately the Man in MI, the admin, peanuts.....the list is really endless...but


these posters are AWESOME! I was recently served with a summons from a JDB in April of this year. I answered the summons following


the guidance here..I recently had my Pre-trial conference....and it was DIMISSED WITHOUT PREJUDICE! I know that it would have 


been better had it been dismssed with prejudice, but I am definitely savoring this "mini victory!" I just know that I could not have done


it without all the wonderful people here......I am eternally grateful!!!!!!!!!!!........... ::ImInLove:: .... I very sincerely thank you all!

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