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I.E. ... Chrome... or Firefox


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I have a 3 week old laptop that I am ready to trash.


It came with windows 8 on it and more ads and popups then you ever saw in your life.


My other laptop and desktop have  Firefox because when I had I.E. got way too many viruses and

my Geek said to use Firefox which was great....


Now I cannot even look at CIC on this one with Firefox because the ads are so

bad and cannot be stopped.....


Adblock and 2 other malware programs do not help.


So want to use either I.E. on here... whicxh is allowing me to write this at this time

... or Chrome.....


Any opinions or experiences?


Also... anyone familiar with Trend antivirus?


This PC came with the ability to have Trend for the life of the computer.... FREE.



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I'm with willing; IE & MSE.

I use that combination on my XP machine (IE 8 & MSE) and although CIC loads a little slow, no other problems (or I've learned to work around them).

On my Win 7 laptop I use IE 9 & MSE. Nice and crisp and fast.

Tried Firefox ......... to slow and bloated.

Tried Chrome and forget what I didn't like about it ........... but I didn't like it.

Safari is pretty good on the iPad but I rarely use it to access CIC so ........

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Welllll...here's the latest adventure.  Windows 8.1 with IE 11 doesn't play nice with CiC.  Microsoft decided to change the way IE 11 deals with cut and paste (and a few other things), so some of the workaround that web publishers used to use to deal with IE "quirks" no longer work.


Bottom line...you can still use IE 11 to view CiC, but if you're going to be posting, you might want to use Chrome.

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I use a 7 YO Dell 1721 made in 2007, only made one year.  Came loaded with crappy Vista, drivers all configured for Vista couldn't load 7 not compatible.  I had to convert to Linux in 2008 and have used it since.   Use Firefox with ABP and tightened down popups and history.  Not pushing my set up and I'm not familiar with I.E. or Win 8 enough to give an intelligent answer but does the CNTL-X for cut, CNTL-C for copy and CNTL-V for paste work at all in I.E. or with 8 or 8.1????  Works great on Linux and Firefox.  Just a thought.


Also normally used Chromium on Linux but had my gmail account hacked back in Nov 2013 and stupidly used same password on FB and gmail.  Went to Firefox and haven't had any issues with hackers and I created 15 character passwords Caps, lower case, numbers and special chars.  I don't know what the issue was but figured that since Chromium is the red-headed stepchild of Chrome, not as much attention paid by the gurus of Google.

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The issue with Win 8.1 and IE 11 is related to a java script called ckeditor.js  Web sites like this one include it to allow normal editing functions when a user is creating posts.  Those functions include the generally accepted shortcut keys Ctrl-X, Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V or Ctrl-Insert, Shift-Insert. 


I haven't looked at ckeditor.js in detail, but its having trouble recognizing the shortcut keys.


Ckeditor.js is written by someone other than "Community Forum Software" (the publisher of this board's software).  Ckeditor.js is used by many other web sites.  According to Microsoft, we need v4 or greater in order to work with IE 11.  (ADMIN tells me our support people are looking into it).


For what its worth...IE 11 on www.google.com will cut and paste just fine...on www.yahoo.com, it doesn't.


I hate computers.

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Well, since I first posted I have gotten used to windows 8.


Had the opportunity to upgrade to 8.1 but for whatever reason this laptop refused to

co-operate.  I don't care as I would only need to learn some more.


I decided to stay with Firefox, primarily because of their multi-row bookmark bar.


And I am running Avast on this and my other two. for protection along with all sorts of other

stuff that may or may not be needed....


I got the pop ups off originally and then they came back because of a worm about a week ago....

It was the other stuff that got the worm issue taken care of.


I have not noticed any copy/cut and paste issues on here but do have an issue with yahoo

in general.....


As probably the least computer literate of anyone on this board I just do what I can until I figure it out.


BUt soulnd like it is good 8.1 did not work for me.

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