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Help with the law and removal of a unverified tradeline


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Can anyone tell me what is the right thing to do.

I sent a DV to a collection agency waited over 30 days with no response from them

and then sent letters to all 3 cra's asking them to remove this debt. TU removed it but

EF and EX did not.

Are they violating the law?
I thought if the collection agency could not verify the debt after 30 day then the tradeline on my reports are un justified and the CRA's have to remove them until the CA can verify them.

Is this a violation of the law, reporting inaccurate info.


I do know that the CA doesn't have any time limit to verify the debt, but the CRA's have to remove if the CA fails to verify in those 30 days

At equifax a goon named Jesse of the Blue Team said they cannot remove the tradeline and they are not in violation of the law.

Is he right?

Please set me on the right course.

Thanks Woody

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If I read your post correctly, you're stating that because they didn't respond to your DV in 30 days, their entry must be removed from your CR.  Correct?


If that's the case, this is where you're mistaken.  A CA does not have to respond to a DV within 30 days.  The 30-day time limit is the amount of time consumers have to request validation after receiving the first collection letter.  CAs can take as long as they want to respond.  But they can't make any more collection attempts until they do respond to your request.


Verifying a debt in response to a DV request is not the same as verifying a credit report entry with the CRAs.


When you dispute with the CRAs, a furnisher is required to verify their entry directly with the CRA.  It appears that the CA verified the account with EX and EQ but not with TU.  Did EX and EQ send you a letter or email stating that the account had been verified?

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