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Someone took a Speedycash loan out in my name


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I am not sure what to do.  Someone has taken a loan from Speedycash out in my name- and Speedycash has been debiting my checking account for this loan. 
My bank has stopped the withdrawals, but the guy who is helping me at my bank said tomorrow (that will be 2 weeks from when I reported the issue to the bank) he will be able to tell me if I can get my money back, or if the process will take longer because of lack of documentation.  They have requested more proof/documents from speedycash and I have been in person to speedycash twice and called many times, and the bank has received nothing and I was given a copy of a generic contract with the loan amount, my name, address and ss#.  Someone had signed my name on it too.  That is all the documentation they say they have.  How can this be?  Doesn't there have to be employment information, or driver's lic#, or something?!   I was using Speedycash to cash my paychecks for several years while I was on Chexsystems but I have never had a loan with Speedycash, or even applied for one. 

I am planning on filing an FTC report, and a police report.  I have also had credit reports from 2 places, and neither of them report this loan. 

What other steps do I need to take? 

Why isn't the loan showing on the credit reports?

Should I shut down my account at the bank and get another one?  (The bank doesn't seem too worried about this but I don't want it to happen again!) 

Thank you very much,



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Demand the following from Speedycash:


1.  Photo of the person who signed the document.  They have security cameras?

2.  Photocopy of the signed document, with the signature, so you have something to use against that person or to match them with.

3.  A copy of their procedures for checking and validating loan applicants, including the steps to verify the applicant is providing correct information.


Or better yet, hire an attorney who will do the demands for you.

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