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FDCPA violations in JAMS - can I bring claims in Small Claims?


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I found some FDCPA violations by the OC's CA - they were asking for all attorney fees + the alleged amount they said was due was $1K more than what was alleged in the original court complaint. They can't say it's interest because the OC's alleged amount clearly stated at 0%.


I was wondering if I can bring these claims back to court - small claims court or state court? I'm hoping I can do small claims as I think there are fewer procedures to follow?


Thanks again everyone!! :)

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I find this to be a bit sketchy.


I assume you were sued in small claims court?


Was this by the OC? In otherwords, was the plaintiff listed as the OC?


If it was OC then FDCPA will not apply to them.


You would need to file ca claim againt the CA either in Federal court or initiate an arbitration against the OC naming the CA as a respondent....


But again different claims, other then FDCPA would need to apply to the OC.


If , however they have sold the account a JDB would be covered



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