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Has anyone heard of a collection agency called PAG or anything of that nature?  They called my son today being totally abusive, trying to scare him about an old bank account that got overdrawn and then written off, telling him it's a felony, etc.  Of course he was pretty upset, but I told him that they're just trying to scare him and get him to whip out a credit card for all the money they can get.  They've threatened to sue for an amount that's double the amount of the original debt. 


When we tried to pin the guy down about who he was with, he didn't want to answer, rattled off a bunch of crap that sounded like Prefferred All Group and an address of 4581 Healthy Way or 4581 Chelsea way or something of that nature.  The phone number was 866-877-7483.  Ring any bells for anyone?  The guy said he was in Ohio when questioned but I don't believe that either.


Of course my son was so aggravated that he wasn't really listening to me, but now that he's calmed down I think he will.  The call ended with the guy telling him they'd be filing suit.  The thing is, he's not received any mail regarding this, no opportunity to verify the debt, etc.  I told him not to worry about it.  I kind of doubt they're even legit.  They guy told him he was acting like a 5 year old, etc. 


I checked the local courts and no suit has been filed as of yet.  Frankly, if it happens, and I doubt it will, I'll welcome the chance to beat another group of these assholes the same way I beat the Citibank suit from CACH.  They can just bring it on.  :)

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It is very rare that a collection agency would go so far as claiming a felony anymore due the huge fines that can and are be levied by the FTC. The most common thing on a call like this is a scammer or possibly an ID Theif. Record it if you can just to be sure so you have evidence.

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