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Free Software for Financial Guidance on Consolidation

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Greetings, we're looking for feedback on a website we're building to bring free, unbiased financial guidance to mainstream America.


Would love your thoughts on www.guidefinancial.com


We are building in a guide covering credit consolidation. Would it be useful for you?

We're helping people decide between mortgage consolidation, balance transfer cards and peer-to-peer loans. Which would make sense for you?




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As a general rule, we suggest people avoid "debt consolidation" particularly if it means trading unsecured debt (credit cards) for secured debt (mortgages). 


Balance transfers may work...but, you need to be aware of both the new interest rate and any fees associated with the transfer.


Peer-to-peer loans are questionable.  First, nobody in their right mind (unless they're a super rich pHilantripist(sp?)) is going to lend money for somebody to payoff credit cards.


But, something tells me you might have another solution...for a fee?

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Hi willingtocope,


Thank you for the feedback.


I would be curious why you are principally opposed to refinancing with a mortgage - in general you don't think that the risk of foreclosure is worth the value of reduced monthly payments?


We totally agree on making sure the user views new card options holistically.


I don't have a solution that costs money - I'm just trying to get feedback on the credit management product we're developing. It should be live in a day or two, in the meantime, you can check out www.guidefinancial.com.


If you would ever be open to a quick chat on the most critical challenges you see heavy credit card debtors facing, I'd love to chat.




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Where is always the possiblity of some debt fixer trolling fro business, or a wiley CA looking for evidence to use in court, we encourage our members to post in open forum rather than PM.  This way, other fol;lks get a chance to chime in.


And, if a person is carrying enough unsecured debt to think about refinacing their house to pay it off, they may be headed to bankruptcy.  Unsecured debt goes away in BK...and, of course, mortgages may also go away, but the debtor may be able to keep their house.

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