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Illinois Small Claims Court - Help

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Can anyone help?   I need some assistance from anyone familiar with small claims court procedure in Illinois.  


I was sued by a JDB and have a bench trial date.   The last court date set a date for  "exchange of documents".  There was nothing else but the date on the written court order.  


I've read and reread the local rules and I think the exchange of documents follows discovery, correct?   So it appears that I need to send the JDB's lawyer my list of document requests.


Also, I think I have a pretty hearty counterclaim and am anxious to see what the JDB produces for documents.   As far as filing a counterclaim, is itt appropriate to file a counterclaim before resolution of this case.....or should I wait? 



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Unless the judge ordered it, there's no discovery in Illinois small claims court. I have to assume that exchange of documents is something akin to disclosure. I haven't found anything in the civil procedure rules for it. Could be a local county rule for all I know. 


Counter claims are usually filed as part of your answer. Unless you're talking about FDCPA violations which can be filed separately. 

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