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Need law for personal checking monthly fees after your bank is sold to Bank of America?


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 Opened a checking account with Bank of the West in California many years ago.  Lifetime free checking no minimum balance!  Then Security Pacific Bank bought them and they did not charge for my checking account.  Then Bank of America bought Security Pacific and for the last 10 plus years, Bank of America has not charged me for my checking account.


  Now I get a letter from bank of America stating I am going to be charged 12 dollars a month.  I called customer service , they said nothing they can do.

  I am pretty sure this is covered in the FTC act or the Sherman Act or some other government guideline.  Basically to protect consumers account terms from being changed when a bank is sold to another bank.

  Anyone know the actual regulation or law I can use to convince Bank of America?


I need specific the reference location.


Thank You!


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