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Memorandum of costs

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So I went to court this morning for my trial and the lawyer for the JBD didn't show up. Judge stated that they called this AM to remove the trial from the docket. I checked with the court clerk and she stated they were notified by phone first thing this morning that JBD lawyer will be filing/filed a notice of non suit.


From what I have read that means the notice will have to be signed off by the judge and the case will be over. I didn't "win" per-se, they just gave up. I know it won't prevent them from reselling the debt or starting a new suit, but they've learned that I'm a fighter so they are just waisting their time.


If you want to see the details about my case, it is a old previous post and can find it here: http://www.creditinfocenter.com/community/topic/319212-help-im-being-sued-by-unifund-and-i-dont-know-where-to-start/#entry1229182



So my question is this...I ended up hiring a lawyer to talk to opposing councel and basically get this setteled as easy as possible. I think what I paid was reasonable and I got the outcome I wanted. However, I had read somewhere that the JBD could be responsible for my legal fees since they are the ones who files suit against me and now they are the ones dropping it and I had to retain an attorney. How do I do that/can I do that?


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