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Identity Theft... oh really?

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A lot of people think that identity theft is just credit, in fact it is not.  Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America, and it will not stop.  A lot of people believe that it can be prevented, and that alone is a fairy tale myth.  If you think that the criminal masterminds in Nigeria have been cracked down think again.  Identity theft forms in a catalyst in different ways such as medical, criminal/character, drivers license etc.


Now you may think, well I have it at my work, "I'm fine." No not so.  If you don't work there anymore how fine are you? Do you believe that your 'credit monitoring service' is going to alert you when a gentlemen lets say by the name of Robert buys an escalade in your name? how confident that the quote on quote 'credit monitoring' service that the one you have at your local bank is going to inform you of that, when such a crime happens?


There is a big misconception of what people think identity theft protection is and a lot of individuals just go around believing what others tell them.


Not even those big name advertisement companies will do the trick either Why? Well look at the countless articles of law suits that had occurred, on top of the history of how some of them didn't even have a monitoring service to begin with.


Go to your local bookstore, and for $12.50 or less you can literally pick up a book, a thief's dream and be able to get a copy of ways on how to steal other people's identities, no joke. 


Here's the thing guys, or should I say "Wake up" to the reality of this.  If recently 3 of the bureau's were hacked, and a history of Sony, the dmv, and countless examples, had the tenacity to be compromised, what in the world would make you think you've got it safe and sound by the 'monitoring' service that you have? That is a joke.  Your information is not safe.  By the time you were born, you were given a 'social' when you went to school, which now a days, children as young as 5 are now becoming compromised and are getting loans taken in their name not knowing about it til later.  When you applied for a job, the list goes on, your information is there.  You see how amazing the internet is, and how much information you can find out about someone easily now a days?


Sometimes I think that the people who open those weird scam emails that say something like "ooh I have millions of USD dollars for you from S Africa and I want to give it to you, wink-wink" I almost want to laugh and say that the person kinda deserved it, for being so damn stupid and selfish in the first place.


If you want money, there are ways to get it, get off your behind and work your butt off.  There are plenty of resources on how to become rich, but there is no easy way.  Easy, sleazy as they say.  When it comes to identity theft, shredding your mails, and credit cards won't do it either, what is needed is a thing called 'restoration' The ability to bring your let's just say  'being' back to life. 


What is it worth to you to spend thousands of dollars, and then having to collect receipts, and then doing all these things, worse yet, if you don't even know that you've been victimized and if you don't catch it in time within the 60 day period, then all that "stuff" that you weren't responsible for in the first place, is now your responsibility, because you weren't aware of it and didn't have the time to catch it.


If you want to know more, feel free to email me.  Plus its always good to meet new people and friends.  I hope this post though, kinda opens up the realization about this ongoing issue.  Don't think the service from the banks are that beneficial. Even had a lady admit to me, that their not that sufficient.  No, really Sherlock? lol  When something happens to your finances, and you catch it, it is the bank's responsibility to reimburse you.  As far as credit monitoring or the credit score per se, you are basically paying for something that you can already get at www.annualcreditreport.com < hope that is the correct site, I can always recheck again later.  But basically there are resources out there that you are entitled to for free, at least 2x/yr. 


No, freecreditreport.com is not one of them lolol..... get educated


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