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american express blue (everyday)

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I am concidering filling out the aplication to get this card but hate the idea of applying and being denied


My credit score is in the 740 range with esblished credit in the last 3-4 years


I have always been told AE cards are pretty hard to get


this card seems to have some really good cash back ensentives and no anual fee


right now I have discover  and master card

and some store cards

best buy -

home depot


jc penny






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AMEX is a good card to have, if you get plain blue (the one you pay in full each month)...but...its not universally excepted like VISA and MC.  AMEX charges merchants a higher percentage for the privaledge of accepting their card.


As for being hard to get...with a true FICO sucker score of 740, no BKs, and never any defaults to AMEX in the past, you should qualify.


However, IMHO, you have enough cards already.  You really don't need another.

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