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I had several emergency room bills in collections with CMRE. I paid them off with the OC and CMRE is still reporting them.


When I spoke with them, they said there is also another bill for $200 from 2009.


When I called the OC to try and pay this, they said they moved/switched billing companies and have no record of the account.



I just wanted to check in with a game plan:



Dispute with CRA's - wait the 30 days (I'm pretty sure CMRE will verify).


MOV or 623?



Any and all ideas are appreciated.

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I disputed this account and all records were removed!  Thanks for your help.



Now I'm having a different problem with the same company, CMRE.


I owed 3 Emergency room bills.


One I paid to the collection agency.  They updated as paid on my credit report.


Two were mostly paid by insurance.  After insurance paid their part (a year later after fighting denials), I owed about $50 on one and $150 on the other.


I tried to pay CMRE, but they kept insisting I still owed the original amount that I knew the insurance company already paid.  So I called the OC and talked them into letting me pay both bills in full.  This was the beginning of August 2013.  CMRE keeps updating my CR. They report the $50 account as owing $50, but the $150 account is reported as $450, which includes the amount the insurance company paid back in July or August.


Yesterday, I got a check in the mail from the OC.  It was a refund for the $50 payment, stating that I paid the OC AND the CA AND that I didn't have any accounts that I still owed on.  The $50 refund had the wrong account number on it. And CMRE is still reporting that I owe all of that to the Credit Bureaus.  


The check address has the doctor's home address on it and is signed by his wife.  Weird.


I am going to dispute the last 3 listings with the Big 3.  Should I also send a goodwill letter to the doctor or his billing company?  I'm frustrated with this and since I paid back in August, it would have been nice if they got their ducks in a row and accurately reported.  Are medical billing records really this complicated?  I have kept every last paper and receipt, so I know that my records are good.



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