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Quick question for what follows RTP to JDB.

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As I mentioned in past posts:


I have 6 accounts that I was unable to pay because of circumstances.  Final pmts Oct '12.

I sent all 6 OCs an RTP in April 2013.  All went out CMRRR and all subsequent letters the same.

I heard from JDBs that now own 3 of the accounts.

The other 3 are OCs that usually don't sell the accounts according to posts here.

I DV'd the 3 JDBs then after validation I sent an RTP including a C&E (I know a RTP is also a C&E).  

The DVs went out Jun '13, Jul '13 and Sep '13 - The RTPs went out Jul '13, Sep '13 and Oct '13.

I pulled my CRs in Jul and again in Oct.  The 3 OCs show balances and charged off but I assume still own them.

The other 3 show charged off, $0 balance and sold or transferred to someone else.

The 3 JDB's don't show on CR at all.   No entries at all.  My FICO went up from Jul to Oct.  


Now the question 'Are they obligated to send a followup telling me what action they are taking after the RTP or will I just get a summons for mandatory arbitration (OR), if in fact they should be sending something how long do they have, or can they send it at anytime?'  Lame question I know, but I haven't had any communication with at least the first 2.  

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Well in my opinion you invited all 6 of them to sue you.  Looks like the OC dumped 3 of them (sold them) and it remains to be seen what the other 3 OC's will do.  My best guess is they will sue you, but maybe you will fall through the cracks.

The JDB's usually hold on to them for about a year while it racks up interest.  If you sent them a refusal to pay, then they may sit on them for awhile, or they may just go straight to suing you.  Anyones guess. could be anytime.  Or they may peek at your credit report and decide if your worth it to sue.

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Thanks Shellie,  I not concerned about the fact that they may sue.  I should mention that the last soft or hard pull on my credit was Feb '13  only show less than 10 and 2 of them were from the firms that were hired by the OCs I figure will hold onto the accounts.  I was just wondering how long before I hear something.  SOl in OR is 6 years.  Mandatory arbitration is called by the courts then the arbitrator sits up the first meeting usually within 6 to 8 weeks from the time I select the arbitrator.  Just prior to the meeting I plan on filing for BK7,  I contacted an attorney and pre-qualified but didn't reveal anything.  

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