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This is the picture I am facing. Seeking suggestions?


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I am starting to repair my credit, actually I have already got the ball rolling. In  nutshell this is what negative items on my reports look like:


Discharged Bankruptcy - CH7 (scheduled to be removed 08/2015)

CO CC 1(Sched. Remove 1/2016)

Authorized user on open cc 1 (90 days past due)

CO CC 2(Sched. Remove 08/2018) - Thinking Pay for delete directly with OC. 

CO CC 3 (Sched. Remove 01/2016)

Telecom Derog (Sched. Remove 08/2017)- Thinking pay for delete directly with OC.

Medical Judgement (Paying off in Nov. 13) Only showing on 2 CA - Told will be removed once settled by OCs lawyer.


I have already sent first round of dispute letters to CAs just waiting on response. Then will send 2nd round - MOV - for verifieds, then 3rd round FTC if unsuccessful.


Also willing to settle for neg accounts which I can afford to settle (is this a good idea or waste of money if eventually still on CRs?)


Is my plan a manageable one or is it for the birds? 


Any suggestions will be appreciated.









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Get your name OFF that authorized user account.  Their negative pay history could be hurting you and if they are 90 days late the card will no longer be active very shortly anyway.


A LOT of your debt is clearly new by how long it can report.  If you can get OCs to agree to PFD I would.  I used that with several of my debts that were small and manageable.  Keep in mind that some creditors have a rigid non-negotiable policy that they NEVER do PFD and if they won't you might be stuck with the debt.


Another issue you did not mention is if any of these charge offs are within the SOL for filing a lawsuit.  Disputing debts that you can still be sued for is dangerous because many times all it does is push them to haul you to court.  You should verify that before disputing anything.

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@Theodosus - You can't do pay for delete with the OCs.  They don't do that.  If it goes to collections, this might be a viable option, although for your accounts that fall off in 2018, you are probably within the statute of limitations, so watch out for that.  


Like @Clydesmom says, remove your name from that AU account, fast!

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@Clydesmom @admin Thank you for the feed back.


I will await to see what actions are taken on my first dispute round of letters. In the meantime, I will chase down the OC for the authorized user CC. How do I get off that? Do I call OC and request? How easy or difficult is it to get it done? 


I called the telecom and they said they can accept a payment, although they want the full amount which is ~$200. I can pay this off but I want a guarantee that it will be deleted. Rep told me she can only accept payment and then once settled they will transfer me to another dept to handle CA issue. Is this standard practice?


My thoughts are that my CA reports are very manageable, I will have to keep at it as much as possible until I get to my end objective.


I will keep posting progress.

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