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Can someone help me with "identify all transactions and credits"

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It means just that. All transactions and credits. Not one statement, but all statements from inception of the account to charge off providing a history of the account, how charges and credits were applied, how interest rates were applied, any fees and charges, et all.


Thank you, but is a transaction simply an amount, or does it include the store and the date of the purchase?  For examply, my one statement says "Purchases and adjustments + $148.00" but it does not say when that purchase occurred or where.

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@Skittlethat How does that help you? Standing usually has nothing to do with the transactions and everything to do with their ownership of the alleged debt.


I'm just using an argument from a published case that says "creditor must prove more than merely the total amount remaining unpaid. Instead, … the creditor must set forth the previous balance, and identify all transactions and credits, as well as the periodic rates, the balance on which the finance charge is computed, other

charges, if any, the closing date of the billing cycle, and the new balance."


In my case, the creditor has presented only a bill of sale, a statement of account, and one credit card statement. In the event that they motion for summary judgement I have to be prepared to fight that in some way.

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