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Need help with federal FDCPA / FCRA suit against Midland, its attorneys and Equifax

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I have to join Equifax and amend my complaint by Saturday (I think, would like to file tomorrow eve) and I posted my DRAFT amended complaint at http://creditsuit.org/litigation-forum/baker-v-midland-funding-mcm-and-bursey-associates/101713-draft-proposed-amended-complaint/


I've made so many changes and my head is spinning, so I'll appreciate any comments regarding:


Does it make sense?

Do I have the right sections for the FDCPA and FCRA violations?





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Sorry about that, I just changed the permissions so that guests can see attachments and I uploaded the filings.    I filed on the 20th and am now waiting for their responses, opposing my motion for leave to amend.




Just about every day I'm dealing with this Midland / Bursey suit.  They filed a motion for judgment on the pleadings and last night I filed my motion requesting an extension to respond (which both attorneys opposed). Will try to upload all the filings within the next few days.


It's such a struggle and now the Midland attorney claims in yesterday's filing that I only had 14 days to respond and I spent HOURS trying to figure out why I wouldn't get additional 3 days for mailing.


The judge GRANTED my request for a 30-day extension of time to serve the Bursey attorneys, but waited 11 days to do so,  Now I only have a couple weeks and I mailed my application for waiver of costs to serve as the attorneys refuse to waive of service and I want the court to pay the marshal to serve them.  Of course that also requires another motion to file.


Ultimately I hope I'll have the time and energy to send my complaint to the CFPB and I'd like to get the FDCPA changed to greatly enhance damages to pro ses.   We also need a "consumer" court where the average person can prevail against the lawyer and debt buyer scum.  I have way more court experience than most people yet I still can't figure out the rules and I'm having an incredibly hard time keeping up with the constant filings.


Anyway, please let me know if you still can't view the attachments.

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@ 1ststep:


"VP, Compliance of a Collection Agency in reply to a complaint I filed with the AZDFI"


Are you aware that debt buyers are EXEMPT from registering with the AZDFI because they collect on their own behalf? This is about as crazy as it gets.

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