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Frivolous Response when asking for MOV


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I am early in the stages of credit repair.


I disputed a Chapter 7 BK on my credit (reason dates are wrong). When the responses cam back verified, I sent an MOV letter to Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian.


TransUnion replied:

" Thank you fo contacting TransUnion. Our goal us to maintain complete and accurate information credit reports. We have provided the information below in response to your request.


Re: Investigation Procedure


TransUnion reviews and considers all relevant information you provide, or we will investigate your dispute by contacting the source of the information. Each source we contact is provided all relevant information regarding your dispute, including your letter and all documents provided by you at the time of the dispute, and is requested to verify the accuracy and / or completeness of the information reported. For public record information, TransUnion or a third-party we hire will check the applicable local, state, and federal court reords to verify the accuracy and/or completeness of the information reported.


Once the verification responses are received, they are reviewed and the disputed information is updated accordingly. Changes made to your credit report are reflected on the investigation results that are sent to you at the conclusion of our investigation. If you have any questions regarding the results of the investigation, please contact the creditor(s) directly."


So, issue #1, they didn't properly explain their MOV (such as who they talked to, e-Oscar, etc.). At this point should I send a second MOV request?


The letter continues


"Re: Dispute Status


We have previously verified as accurate the items that are listed below. Therefore, under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, we consider this dispute frivolous and will not reinvestigate the item(s) unless you can provide court papers or a recent, authentic letter from the creditor(s) that explains what information should be updated.


If you disagree with the results of your dispute, you may add a Consumer statement of 100 words or less to your credit report or you may contact the creditor directly. If you provide a Consumer statement that contains medical information, then you expressly consent to TransUnion including this information in every credit report we issue about you.


The names and addresses are listed below"


The BK information is listed below.


Issue #2, I didn't request a 2nd investigation. Are they saying that my request for the MOV is frivolous?


How would you recommend to proceed from here?


Thank you!

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