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CRA Dispute & Letter from OC

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Not really expecting an answer on this one, merely informational. I recently reported a very old Cap One account to the three CRAs as incorrect and asking for removal from the reports. I found this letter I just received from Capital One rather amusing.






We're writing to you about a dispute you sent to one of the credit bureaus for your credit card account ending in XXXXXXX. However,   the information the credit bureau sent to us may not have contained everything needed for us to fully understand the reason for your dispute.


You can help us research this by sending us the information listed below:


Any supporting documentation, such as your credit report, showing that we've sent incorrect information to the credit reporting       agencies.

A copy of this letter.


Within 30 days of getting this information from you, we'll be able to get back to you. You can send it all in the enclosed envelope to.....




Are they kidding!?! They expect me to verify the debt! It's from 2005! Looks like someone doesn't have any information on the old account and it will need to be dropped off the credit report. SCORE!!!

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