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Serving two defendants at same address

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I am going to small claims for TCPA, FDCPA and Oregon state violations against a JDB in Illinois.  I am not a debtor, they made multiple computerized calls to my cell phone looking for someone else then got abusive when I finally talked to them.  Mid to high four figures.  


Defendant two years ago lost default judgment and plaintiff did wage garnishment on company owner, got full amount paid several days later (county records).  In that case they named the company owner as a defendant in the suit as well as the corporation. 


Would I need to name the owner as well as the corporation like they did to pursue wage garnishment to collect, and if so would I need to have more than one complaint served or just one since owner would be presumably serveable at same address as his company. 


Thanks for any help.  

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I don't know about the service requirements.  My questions are about your FDCPA claims. 


1.  Did you record the calls?  


2.  I assume you're suing for harassment?  If so, since you're not a "consumer" as defined by the FDCPA, did you point out that 1692(d) refers to "any person"?

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