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A couple questions about credit report entries


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I have a couple of things on my credit report that I need help with in order to try and raise my score. 

My credit report looks as follows: 


Revolving: 23 accounts

Cap One was late 30 days 2X Dec 2012 and Jan 2010 (I don't think this is affecting my score too much)

GE Bank (Paypal charge account) was late once Dec 2012--it is closed-showing closed by grantor

Military Star (card that could be used in the post exchange) is 90 days late and sent for collections--I have never gotten a letter from a collection agency about this and tried to get in touch with the original creditor but have not met with any success.

There are a bunch of closed accounts that are 5 or so years old and a couple of them show a 1 time late in 2007. Those have all been closed for at least 5 years.

The rest are current and involve 3 cards from Cap One (to include the one that was late 2X), credit card from Bank of America and USAA. Most have low limits which I don't know if that is actually hurting my score or not but I am trying to pay them off as quickly as possible.


Installment loans: 40 Accounts (most are student loans that have been sold to other companies or consolidated into one), some show late payments but that is from 2009 and 2010 which as stated before I don't think that is affecting my score much.

Sallie Mae is showing 120 days late Feb, Mar, Apr 2013 and then current as I got a deferment.

There are a couple of car loans: All (past and the one I have  that is currently) are showing as current/paid as agreed. The older ones I paid off and are showing as such.

There are loans from two companies that give loans to military ( I got out of the military last year) those are closed and current except for two which will be explained in a bit.


There is one collection account -- Time Warner Cable says I did not return equipment which I did but I was moving and did not keep my receipt.


The military star account was sent to a collection company but I have never received a letter from any company regarding that and don't know how to get in touch with the original lender to make payment arrangements. 


One of the installment loans from the companies that loan to the military (at a high rate of interest) is also charged off and is reported as being sent to collections but I have not received a letter from a collection agency. 


The other one is showing 120 days past due with a past due balance of 1700 (which I cannot pay right now) and I have attempted to get in touch with them to work out a plan to pay them back (monthly of course) and in exchange they would bring the account current. They only wanted to talk on the phone and not by email which I was hesitant to do since then it would be a she said/he said type of thing and I would not have a guarantee of any type of conversation trail (I know that it might know matter if they went back on their word but at least I could have something to send to the credit agencies if that happened to dispute it). If I start paying them back it would still be past due and so I am thinking that it would still be lowering my score. I am of the opinion that they won't just do a charge off but still keep it current on my credit report forever.

Thanks for any help you can give. Currently my FICO is showing 538 Equifax, 492 Trans Union and 583 Experian. 

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