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Multiple disputes to CRAs: strategy questions


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I'm not too concerned about the costs of sending multiple disputes, one item at a time, to all three CRA. I figure that would be best because of the following:


- It is my understanding that I can include as many as I want however the worker may be rushed and skip over some due to quotas, etc;

- It is my understanding that I can include as many as I want but each dispute has to be for separate reasons.


The issue is that I plan on disputing multiple properties:


- High Balance

- Date of last Payment

- Late/Payment History

- Credit Limit

- Charge off-amount


etc, etc. So, all disputes items would be for the same multiple reasons. I have about four of these and I know the person who receives this would probably blow just by them anyway. So, my question is:


Do I need to wait to get each response back (completed investigation)? One item to all three CRA and ~30-45 days later start another? I was thinking of firing one off to all three, and wait for green card to arrive, then firing another off but not sure what the implications of having multiple ongoing disputes would do.


Some were disputed and verified previously, some weren't. I assume each one will get auto-verified so when that happens I'll contact CRA invoking FCRA 611(a)(7) and follow the chain of custody between the OC and them. If all else fails, I can try 623 letter to OC, then finally contact the CFPB will all my documentation. As of now all accounts have varying information across all three, hence requesting investigation for multiple properties.


These are all for accounts that are original creditors that have been charged off. I am about ~20 days from SOL expiration from a well known litigious JDB that has bought all these accounts (and are reporting) if that matters.


Thanks in advance.



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Strategically if I was in your position I would send something every3 to 4 days and once you get the end results, I would exhaust my administrative duties by taking them to the CFPB and file a complaint through the CFPB system which will give you a record for evidential reason.They,meaning the jdb,creditors ,CRA all respond very differently because they know they are being observed.I don't know whether you are dealing with alleged debt collectors or not but whom ever take out your complaint with or on the CFPB site.Now what company the SOL is running out If I was you I would let the SOL run out first then I would deal with them, for you will be dealing with from a different angle.While on theCFPB's site I would find all the consent orders they have on JDB,CRA,OC etc.so I or you can understand first the proper language and see what applies to your particular situation.

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