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PNC Bank - Wrong Reporting


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I need some help in checking whether this TL from PNC - Bank is reporitng wrongly

Experian Report fragment in May 2013: http://imageshack.us/a/img802/9466/43h1.jpg
Experian Report fragment in October 2013: http://imageshack.us/scaled/large/4/80gj.jpg

These images refer to a PNC Bank card (formerly National City) TL.  It was charged-off in 2010. After numerous PFDs have failed since then,  I paid off the account in full in March this year (2013).  Now Experian has tagged the account as "Charged-off" in March 2013 - this is incorrect since the account was actually charged-off in 2010 - but I understand that this is normal reporting to have it tagged as Charged-off. 

The second issue is that Experian / Equifax are now reporitng the account as "Settled" or Paid in full for less than full balance - as shown in the second picture.  This is wrong since I paid the charged-off amount in full.

Should I dispute this with the CRAs or with PNC bank directly (via direct dispute)?

Thanks - Yy


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