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It has begun TBI / ARS

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I am separated from my spouse after 20 years of marriage. During the separation I laid down as well as gave up on many things. Now that the pity party is over with divorce emanate I am here.


My credit score has fallen into complete disarray which I have stabilized save for one current issue.


A recent blip has shown up from TBI (The bureaus inc) which has taken my JD from Saks backed by Capital one. The amount is significant being approximately 8400.00 USD. Here in is where the oddity begins.   


I contacted TBI for the account number, logical correct? I mean, they are the ones hammering my credit report. Well contact was achieved this morning and come to find out they (TBI) assigned the debt to ARS (Asset recovery solutions) which has yet to blip my credit report. 


ARS is an extremely hostile company and was combative right of the bat. I requested a mailing address so I could send a DV letter via CM, this is when all hell broke lose with the agent. Needless to say on my 4th yes 4th call to them in a matter of 5 mins I have the address. So my first question, do I send the letter to TBI or to ARS? 


I am aware that in Texas (where I live) I am pretty well protected even against litigation. I say this due to the fact that after reading even if a judgement is placed in their favor there is no real recourse for collection here. I also understand per reading credit laws for my state that after 4 years this will fall off. 


My second question is should I pursue counter harassment with these agencies ie the DV letter and so on? Should I just lawyer up and release that attack onto the field? I know 8k is not going to just "go away", I feel bad that the original creditor got screwed and would love to make amends with them but I get stone walled now stating it is out of their hands. I do have some fight left in me and just feel angry that now a company(s) are trying to be prosperous on my hardship.    


please advise

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Look at your CRs.  If TBI says "sold to another lender" and their  balance is $0, then the debt has been sold to ARS.  If it were me, I'd seen ARS a DV letter, and then if they respond, I'd follow with a C&D letter.


If TBI says anything else on your CRS, call them again and ask to speak to a supervisor.  Tell them it is against your personal policy to deal with collection agencies (i.e., ARS) and if they want their money they'll deal with you directly or take you to court and you'll let the judge decide.

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Thank you for your reply. 


I have just examined my CR the information at hand states this.


Account Name: THE BUREAUS INC  

Account #: xxxxxXXXX (edited)  

Payment Status: Seriously past due date / assigned to attorney, collection agency, or credit grantor's internal collection department  

Account Type: Collection Account  

Balance: $ 8400.00 (rounded)

Date Open: 09/01/2013  

Last Updated: 10/01/2013  

Account Status: -   Terms: 1 Month  

Phone #: No Phone Provided  

Address: ,  



Company Sold-to: -  

Credit Limit: -  

Monthly Payment: -  

Past Due Amount: $8400 (rounded)



With this in hand all I can assume is that TBI is still in control of the debt perhaps using ARS as a facilitator? I will however send a DV letter found on this very site to ARS per your recommendation. 


I will also take any advisement for others. 


Sincere regards 

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Okay, its the Original Creditor: CAPITAL ONE RETAIL CARD SERVIC tradeline you want to look at.  "The Bureaus" is actually a collection agency/debt buyer, that has contracted with TBI to do the hassling.  If Crap 1 still owns it, call them. 


(NOTE:  1.  Using the company name of "The Bureaus" is actually against the law.  It leads the "least sophisticated consumer" to think that they might be a "credit reporting bureau".  Search this site and maybe www.ftc.gov to see if there has been an FTC decesion on this.

2.  The letter on our site is a little verbose.  Actually, all you have to do is reference whatever it says on TBI's TL for Account # and say is "I dispute this debt".  Send it CMRRR  And, in this case, send it to both TBI and ARS.).

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Thank you again for your reply / assistance. 


I under your advisement called SAKS concerning my MPA which is the account in question. The agent I spoke to stated the account was no longer owned by them and there was nothing that could be done on their end. I was offered 2 phone numbers to call which I have yet to to call, knowing full well who they are. I am then going to assume that now I am in the hands of the collection agency whom has no vested interest with the previous account owner. 


I will start with the DV route to both agencies and see what is turned up. 


Thank you......

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