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Cavalry SPV I, LLC Licence in Arkansas

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As per another post on this shady company and a few others people have been saying they are NOT licensed in Arkansas. When I sent them my request for documents, one of the requests was for a proper licence in Arkansas. 


So here is the kicker: they sent me a copy of a supposed license that from all I can tell looks legit. I did find it in the search tool when I searched the entire roster. The thing of it is, they filed their complaint in June of 2013. The license they provided expires in June of 2014 and though it was not obvious at first, it looks like it was just issued on September 10th 2013. 


So... just because they were not licensed when they filed the complaint but now they are does that change anything? Or would a judge just say they corrected the problem in time since now they are (apparently) licensed.


BTW the one thing that looks fishy to me is the certificate is only signed by the Chairman and Vice Chairman but not the Secretary (in other words one of the signature spots is blank). Don't know it that matters at all but there it is. 

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