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UPDATE: OC vs. IdWrknGrl Dismissed with Prejudice! THANK YOU!!

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Okay, before I write my overblown story of how I whooped up on the OC, I need a little help with the judge's signed dismissal.


The plaintiff sent over a dismissal without prejudice.  The judge scratched out "without prejudice" everywhere it appeared on the page.  He also scratched out the part where each side will bear their own costs.  Then he wrote under the scratched out without prejudice:  Defendant has appeared. 


So.....does this mean it's with prejudice?  Is there something in between? 

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Okay, so I just verified with 3 different local attorneys who know this judge.   Apparently, he is really pissed that the OC dismissed 2 days before trial after coming to court empty handed for 3 years and calling me names.  It is within his power to dismiss the case with prejudice if I have appeared. 


It's OVER! 


I'm compiling a list of people to thank....I couldn't have done it without all the help! 

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I tried to make a Memorandum of Costs, but looking at the IRCP, it excludes mileage, copies, postage, faxes and time.  So....my costs on three years of litigation are $58.  Do I bother filing for that? 


Their costs, on the other hand, consist of 9 appearances of a local attorney (CA was based out of Portland, OR), their hours spent churning out docs, and a ton of postage for the 6-7 times they mailed 900 pages of statements to me and the courts for their 3 separate Motions for Summary Judgment. 


Actually, I'm spending my time now writing letters to the 3 CRA's because American Express used their "fraud investigation continuance" in July to finally report this debt in full on my credit reports.  I'm copying the complaint and the dismissal with prejudice and having it removed from my credit. 

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