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Starting to Repair my Credit


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Hello everyone,


I'm really glad I found this forum.


I'm looking for help here. I'd really like to get rid of all the bad hits on my CRA's. (Note: I did hire Lexington Law, but feel like I can do a better job than them with everyone's knowledge here.)


Here it goes. In 2009 I took a decrease in pay, and by 2011 I had to settle accounts with Citi (1), Bank of America (2 accounts), Cap One (1) , HSBC (1) and Alliant Credit Union (1) and Cavalry Portfolio Services.


All these accounts were settled for less than balance.



Everything else on my report is fine, and was also was paid on time (even including the settlements)


But I'm looking to get these tradelines above and one collection off my reports. I just don't know where to start or how.


If someone can show me the way, I'd really would appericate it. My goal is to get a home for my kids and to be at 750 or higher in the next 6 months.


Current scores from myFico.com are EX-605 EQ-645 TU- 678



Thank you and looking forward for your advice and being apart of this family.



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Update on my journey to better credit.




I'm signed up for Equifax. I looked at my FAKO score today, and it went from 664 to 673. Where I had  four neg. accounts, it's now showing two. (FICO went from 645 to 648)


I also called up Experian yesterday because it's not allowing me to dispute items online. I spoke with the Dispute department, and when I told her I'm disputing two items as "not mine", she started to question me and was a bit nasty. She asked me if I were a victim of identity theft, and I said no. She said then why are you filing this as "not mine". I told her I have every right to file this dispute as not mine.


I also just checked my score, and on Experian my FAKO is 597 (FICO went from 605 to 636) Very strange to my thinking that my FAKO would have been higher than my FICO.


And my Transunion has gone from 668 to 670. (FAKO is 721 C rating)



I've also called Citi. I settled this account in 2011 for less than amount. When I called them up though, they said the Account is Paid in full. They don't show anything saying settled. I asked for that paper to be sent to me. Being that I was caught off-guard, I asked her to repeat the letter to me again and the information. She said "Sir, your account is paid in full".


So I'm waiting to get that paper to send or fax it over to all the CRA's to have them update their files.


I spoke to Capital One over the phone about the settlement I had with them. I got two really nasty CSR at first. They were like yelling at me, so I asked for a manager. He came on the phone. I explained to him that I'm trying to get a new home and all and I would appreciate it if you could update the records to removed the settlement and have it state as Paid in Full. He said he's going to request for that to be done being that I always paid on time. I also told him that was the agreement when I settle, that my account would either be deleted or it would state paid in full with no charge-off or settlement.


Called Bank of America. This was like talking to a brick wall. I went and disputed it with "not mine"



I'll keep everyone updated. Hopefully I can help some people with my story.

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I'm not exactly an expert on why certain things work better than others but Not Mine is a good starting point for a few reasons. First off, it makes the company reporting on your CR prove they still have record of the debt. A lot of these old accounts will fall off of peoples account because the OCs either no longer have record of it or they don't feel like responding to a request of a closed account they aren't making money on.


By just doing not mine on everything you are able to zero in on the remaining accounts and find any errors later that could have a deletion.


You are far luckier than most who come here as most peoples starting scores are in the low 500's on here. So for you this is more of a credit cleanup than a rebuild but def keep us updated. We will help anyway we can.


Also, I never dispute online or by phone. Not saying people haven't gotten deletions on here doing that because they have but I find it more effective to have the paper trail. When I first started out I'd say disputed 6 online and all 6 came back verified.  At that point I decided to go to all registered mail.

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Thank you for offering your help. MY average FICO was probably around the high 500's a good year ago. My kindness got taken for granted and I got left with the bill.


As for the "Not Mine" dispute. I was just nervous going about it because like the account is mine. But then I sat back and said, you know what....the information being reported isn't correct either, so technically the account isn't mine. Yes, I know you can ask them to "Correct or Update" the information, but they won't do it. Even when I called up the OC's, they didn't care about my story. They didn't care that I was trying to buy a home for my family.


Also, I will be taking your advice and I will be sending out letters. I am really on a mission to show everyone who doubts that it is possible to fix your credit if you put effort into it.


I really just want to be able to get that first mortgage and be able to have that freedom that I enjoyed before this happened.



Before I signed up and made my first post, I read everything I could. I just really hope you guys can coach me to victory because I promise to do the same for the next person who has the same story as me.

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