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Veterans Day


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Veterans Day is Monday 11, and I would like to remember my grandfather, father, uncle, brother and husband who served, and are no longer with us.

Many thanks to my brother in laws, nephews, son and many friends who have served.

Special thanks to my two nephews, Nathan in the Marines and Donnie who is in the navy, and the sacrifices their families have made, so they can serve with pride and honor, to give us the freedom that we enjoy today.

So please give them a very big thank you to any vet you may see or know.

Monday is also the Marine Corps 238 birthday.


                                                            The Title

                                                 It cannot be inherited

                                            Nor can it ever be purchased.

                                                  You and no one alive

                                               Can buy if for any price.

                                                 It is impossible to rent

                                                 And it can not be lent.

                                                 You alone and our own

                                                         Have earned it.

                               You have earned it with your blood, sweat, and lives.

                                                      You own it forever.

                                                                The Title,

                                             UNITED STATES MARINE



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