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Can my auto loan company do this!?

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I have an auto loan from Kia.


I recently saw on my credit report that Kia gave me a 30 day late ding on my credit. 


I understand that if you go past the 30 days this will happen. However, they gave me a late because I had

$90 past due on late fees. Can they do this?


My actual car payment NEVER went past 30 days. Due to financial troubles I was not paying my car on the 15th of every month when it was due but a couple of weeks after. This happened for a couple of months and I accumulated these late fees.


I've accumulated late fees before on another car and I was never dinged on my credit because of this. I just paid it later when I could to get current. 


I called Kia and they said they have the right to do that but it sounds fishy to me but I could be wrong. 


Any advice would be appreciated!


- Robert

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I'm guessing if you have $90 past due on late fees then according to the terms of your contract, you were, at some time, late.


So...yes, they can do it.


This. You are still considered late since you still have a balance to pay to them. Hope you could settle this one out soon, so that you are able to fix this dent from your credit report.

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