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Question regarding Midland


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I defaulted on a credit card with the last payment being made according to TU Sept 20, 2012.  It was charged off Nov. 2012.


I checked on TU tonight and it states that it was purchased by another lender Oct. 2013.  It is also reporting balance due for Oct $0. It was previously reporting 3400.


Midland shows up as an inquiry from Sept. 23, 2013


From Oct 4 to Nov 4 I received phone calls from them 3 to 4 times a day. No message was ever left.


From Nov 4 to current I receive calls 3 to 4 times a day from them but from a different number. Again, no message is ever left. My phone has a call blocker on it so I never know they call unless I look at the call log. I really do not want to talk to them.


I know they have to send a dunning letter within 5 days of calling, but does that just apply if they actually talk to you, leave a message, or just call?



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Since they have not talked with you or left a message, no contact has been made.  Some collectors don't want to leave messages for fear of  disclosing information to a third party.  They may keep on calling. Or they may stop.  Or they may send you a dunning letter. Or they may just file suit.  


In this case, a  court ruled a single 20 second blank voice debt collection voice mail was not a FDCPA violation.  



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