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The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) needs your feedback !

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Now on RegulationRoom.org – Consumer Debt Collection Practices


November 6, 2013


The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is considering new rules for the debt collection industry,
and needs your feedback on its questions and ideas.
CFPB believes debt collection is an important issue for consumers and are taking the first steps to gather information to determine
what rules would be appropriate to protect consumers who are subject to debt collection. This decision matters to you if you:
•had an experience with debt collection (good or bad)
•counsel consumers with overdue debts
•have a business where you do your own account collection or
•work in the debt collection industry

Now is your chance to weigh in!
We hope you’ll join the discussion--and encourage your family, friends and colleagues to become involved.
You can also find Regulation Room on Facebook and Twitter.
Spread the word, so that everyone affected by this proposal can have their say."




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They were pretty useless when I needed them, and maybe it's because they don't have a lot of experience but they are not handling things the way they ought to. This is based on my personal experience however, others may have better luck. Perhaps they will improve with time.


I will check it out regardless, thanks for the link!

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