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Secondary Credit Line numbers

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I here that a SCN numbers can start you a new line of credit with the credit bureaus using a different set of 9 numbers that can only be use for credit line no fedral credit and will give you a FICO score of 790 in 30 days. I know it is your right not to give your SSN when you apply for credit but need it to obtain it.Some people say its illegal some say its not Ive done alot of searching and found nothing to be illegal. Try googleing it see for your self. You can check youtube for people also that has done it and it woked for them. BUT I Know people get it confused by saying its illegal because of that one person not useing the numbers right and defrauding like geting the numbers and then not paying off the debt thats owed to it saying that was not me.

But does anyon know if its illegal or legal?

I dont know I was wondering if anyone ever herd anything like this before?

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