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Midland Credit Management & SOL has passed


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The older an entry becomes, the less effect it has on your credit score.  Right now, it's probably not having that much of an effect.   Unless you're trying to buy a home and have to get it off your CR, I'd simply dispute it with the credit reporting agencies. 


You could start out by disputing it as "not mine".  If it comes back verified, see if everything's being reported correctly.   Even if everything is accurate, you could dispute something such as the balance.  If it's verified again, choose something else in the entry to dispute.  You might get lucky, and Midland won't feel like fooling with it, and the CRAs will delete it.


If nothing happens with the CRAs, you could try disputing directly with Midland. 


Otherwise, I'd just let it fall off on its own.

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