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Short sale mortgages and old addresses


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OK,  I have sent off my first two letters end of October and am stalking the mailbox for replies.  I have finished ordering and printing off the rest of DH's and my credit reports and scores and am ready to tackle those, now.


A couple of questions before I start letters for the remainder of the CRA's:


we short-saled our primary residence Dec 2011.  up until the month we made the decision to move out of state (DH was laid-off and couldn't find work in our state, so cross-country we went!  Couldn't support two homes.)  Although we were extremely upside-down with equity vs. loan, we still managed to always pay our mortgage and HELOC on time.  the Chase HELOC now shows as a charge-off of $99k with orig loan at $97k.  The PennyMac conventional mortgage says Paid and closed, but lists the status as 120+days past due.  


I am thinking the line of defense here is to challenge the HELOC as not mine and hope that it falls off (fingers crossed), but to keep the conventional and challenge that as Never late so that the history remains?  Is it better to have the conventional mortgage history (corrected) on there when I go for a new mortgage?


Also, I have an old mortgage from Morequity (that was eventually sold to PennyMac Jun 2009) that is still showing as open.  What should I do with that?  It is a positive account and states Pays as agreed, but has been closed since 6/09.


Residential addresses:

Should I try for a deletion of all but my current address on all reports?  I think I read on one of the topics that it helps when trying to delete items if the address that is listed with the TL is no longer on your report?


Ok, enough for today!!  Thank you in advance for any advice.  You all are so helpful and have given me hope that this will be rectified and I will be able to get another mortgage with a great rate very soon!

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Thank you @admin, that's what I thought.  


Still seeking opinions on what to do with my conventional mortgages, one is states it is open (positive status, pays as agreed) but was sold in 2009 and the other (the one that bought it) just says paid and closed, past due 120+ days, no verbiage about the short sale anywhere on it?  I guess I am wondering about the logic of removing mortgage histories (especially if they are positive or I can get them to read that way) from my CR if my ultimate goal is getting another mortgage?  Won't having a positive and lengthy history help in the long run?

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