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Zombie Debts - Deuce


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Recently got 2 letters from JDBs and trying to collect 2 debts that was way back in 1999.


1st Debt

Original Creditor: Discovery Card

Current Creditor: Credigy

Collection Company: Stoneleigh Recovery Associates


Sent the DV for the 1st debt.  And they came back with a letter saying the debt was sold to them in 2002 by First Select with Bill of Sale.  And the account was charged off 2001.  And saying no attorney has assigned.  I am waiting for my credit report and see if they are still reporting this debt on my credit report.  Please let me know the next step.


The original amount was $9xx, and now it is $8xxx.   :<img src=:'>


2nd Debt

Original Creditor: Metris Companies

Current Creditor: Collins Asset Group


They only sent a bill request for payment.  On the bill, it said the origination date was 1996.

I will send DV and check credit report.




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