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Judgement Against Me - CA - CACH LLC. Now what? Help please :)


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Hi everyone, 


I just found this site and feel like an idiot for not fully exercising my rights in court. But, I'm not great wiht computers and couldn't pay for an attorney (or their crazy "settlement offers") when I needed it...so, here we are. Wish I'd have fought the lawsuit more. 


Either way.. little back-story... 


Was sued in December 2012 for ~ $5500 by CACH LLC. for a Bank of America Credit Card. It was my debt, there is no doubt, but I called to ensure that they were the owners of the debt and asked for debt validation. Didn't get it... so I thought, I'll take them to court to prove it. 


I filed my answer to the lawsuit, showed up to the courthouse and was awaiting my day in court...then...they started burying me in litigation. Whenever I'd respond to some legal document, they'd just send 4 more. I decided it wasn't worth it and sort of put my head in the sand and didn't show up to the court date.. VERY STUPID ON MY PART!


I got a judgement against me for $6700.00 (original debt + attorneys fees). 




Now, about a month later, I realize this needs to be settled and the sooner the better before they get a bank levy or wage garnishment. 


I now had a couple of questions if anyone would be able to help me fix my own mistakes here...


1. I'd like to settle as I'm about to sell my vehicle or ask for a personal loan from family to help settle this. How should I start debt negotiations? Was just going to call them and offer 25% to see what they came back with.... I realize they have little incentive to negotiate, but with a lump-sum payment... I was hoping to get some movement and at least save some money versus just paying the full amount. 


Is there anything specific I need to ask for in writing to ensure that any settlement will hold up in court and/or on credit report?


2. Is there a way for me to ensure that they still own the debt or now that it is in judgement are they obligated to keep it? I want to ensure whether paid in full or at a discounted rate, that I don't get the bait and switch on this...


THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ANY ADVICE... I realize I really messed up here..but am trying to make it right and appreciate any help at all..





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