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Those seem like very good terms. What about after the first year? Surely you are not going to accept charges of upwards of 40 percent right? Congratulations on being approved by the way, I am happy for you especially with the recent discharge. Back on the road to building your credit! 

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If you use your card wisely, and do NOT EVER carry a balance forward, the interest rate won't matter to you.


What do you care about the interest rate, if it's never able to be charged? The best way to increase your credit rating is to use the card, but never have more than 30% of your available balance owing at the cut off. On this card, that's $300. So, if you do charge more than $300, make sure that a)you have paid off anything from the previous billing cycle before the due date and b)you have paid your balance down below $300 before the cut off date--it's usually 5 days after the due date.


Nice job on getting a card! Use it well, and you'll see your rating rise.

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