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question about Case Management Conference & statement -California

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I am from Los Angeles, California, the court location is Chatsworth. Can anyone with California 's knowledge  please tell me..


Questions about case management conference and / statement filing:


JDB filed the Summon past mid June 2013. Orginal trial set was next June, but Judge moved that to November 2014.


Can anyone please tell me,....


How do I find out the Case Management Conference date? ( I was told it's about 6 months after the Summon, correct?


And ...I need to submit a Case Management Statement to both the Court and Plaintiff, correct ? ( is it at least 15 days from the Conf date??


Thank you.



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Does your court make its case files available online? If so, you should be able to keep track of it there. They should mail you notice of the CMC as well. Just FYI, some counties in CA have done away with CMCs.


Yes, if you have a CMC you'll need to file the statement and serve plaintiff 15 days before the date. You'll also need to attempt a meet & confer for the CMC. Just call them, ask to speak to the lawyer, they probably won't call you back > just type that into the statement.

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They will send you a notice in the mail. My CMC wasn't untill over a year into the case. Also, yes, call plaintiff to meet and confer beforehand. They actually called me back, I think only because they know my name now, and that I will try to hammer them for any small failure.

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