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questions about ex parte motion requirement...in los angeles, ca

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HI I am from  Los Angeles, the court house for my debt collection lawsuit is Chatsworth Courthouse.


Can anyone tell me, what are the requirement ( must meet ) to file a ex parte motion?


Also, anyone knows the Chatsworth Courthouse policy/ rules on ex parte motion ?   


Anyone did that at that courthouse before ??


Thank you

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From the Los Angeles Superior Court website, local rules: http://www.lasuperiorcourt.org/courtrules/ui/index.aspx?ct=CI


Check out the rule index under Ex Parte and there's quite a bit of info on their policies/procedures.


As a part of your prep you should check out the local rules in general. under Motions there is quite a bit of info that would be of interest to anyone fighting a lawsuit (motions precluding evidence, motions in limine, etc.)

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