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Question on Removal of Judgement


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So last month I disputed all bad items on my credit report as not mine. These results are slowly starting to come in. Today, I got a letter from TransUnion saying the only judgement on my credit report has been removed. It was only about 17 days into the 30 day investigation so it came as a surprise to me today to see that it was removed.


Anyhow, I have 2 questions on this. First off what is the likelyhood this will return to my TU credit report in the future. I assume this paid judgement is still on file at the court house. Also, are investigation results typically the same across the board. For instance is it likely EQ and EX will both remove this paid judgement as well or is it more likely they'll both come as verified?

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Is the judgment more than 7 years old?


If not, and if I'm not mistaken, in order for a paid judgment to be removed (and stay removed) from your CR, it must be vacated with the court.  That requires a motion to vacate showing that the judgment has been satisfied.   If your rules are the same as mine, read Rule 60 of your rules of civil procedure.


But then again, it may stay removed if the furnisher doesn't verify it.  Otherwise, you or the plaintiff's attorney may have to file the motion to vacate. 


The following is from Experian:


Dear Experian,

Why is there still a public record on my account that has been paid off for four and a half years?


Civil judgments are financial court judgments. Basically, if you are sued and you lose, you owe a debt through the court. Therefore, the judgment can be included in your credit report. Civil judgments remain seven years from the filing date.



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@BV80 @admin

Yeah, its a paid judgement. I disputed it as not mine and Trans Union and today Experian came back with it as Deleted. Interested to see if it stays off or if it reappears down the road.


Also, in an unrelated matter, I got a letter today from HSBC.  They said they saw I disputed an account with them and that itds been sold to PFA in 2010. They said they are reporting correctly as a sold charged off.


Does this letter basically mean they likely have no real info on this account other than the fact it was sold? Should I 623 dispute this and see if it falls off?

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