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Followed advice, slowly building but what now?


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I spent months combing these forums to repair my credit (mostly old CC debt from college teen and college years). I was able to have 2 collections, 3 charge offs and 1 sprint account removed and still have one MCM in dispute. Big thanks! I have a few more letters drafted for the CRA's to send in the coming months. 


What remains:


4 old charge off's that are due to drop off in the next 1-2 years


1 CC that I paid in full after delinquency 2 years ago. 


Student loans all in good standing, never delinquent but showing up twice (3 different loans showing up twice), paid & closed to due consolidation. 


Student loans were are consolidated under one loan - 60k in good standing, never late


Capitol 1 credit card $500 limit for 1.5 years, never late, good standing


Many inquires from trying to get a car loan the last year unsuccessfully. January 2013 due to bad credit (mid 500's) and again earlier this month for lack of installment loans (?).


I used eliminateIDtheft for daily pulls and to monitor changes closely- today TU 611 EX 608 EQ 599


Two things I am working towards: Getting a car loan in my name and buying a house with my husband. He currently has both car loans in his name and was advised by a mortgage broker to fix that. 


I will continue to send my dispute letters but is there anything I can do to help raise my scores? I'm worried about my DTI ratio so another credit card seems dumb? What about a secured installment loan?


Thank you!

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@lionhunter No that's where I'm stuck. I'm not sure where to go from here. 


I only have the one credit card and student loans. I've looked into a personal loan but it seems dumb because I don't need it. Another credit card? I think that is the main reason my scores are stalled - nothing current going on. 


Any advice would be appreciated.

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@lainey1 - I agree with @admin - join a credit union and take out an installment loan.  Not too large but one with a low monthly payment and short duration - say 12 months - and pay it off and on time.


Also, we have a lot of articles on ways to rebuild your credit =>  http://www.creditinfocenter.com/rebuild/

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