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FCRA violation?

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I know this topic has been covered to an extent before, in particular here: http://www.creditinfocenter.com/community/topic/314878-credit-report/page-2

However, my question is a little different.

I used creditkarma to look up my credit report. In doing so, I found that Pressler & Pressler, working for JDB New Century Financial pulled my credit report PRIOR to owning it. Ostensibly, they pulled it to determine if I was a good candidate to pursue. The date they bought the debt is however AFTER the date they pulled my credit report. From my cursory reading on the subject, this would constitute a violation, as they have not yet come into possession of the alleged debt. Maybe under 807 (10).

Any opinion if this is a worthwhile violation to pursue, and how one goes about filing such a complaint would be appreciated greatly

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Usually, for an FCRA violation involving an inquiry, you have to show some type of injury such as being denied credit.


Is it possible that New Century was collecting for the OC before the purchased the account?   If they were, they had permissible purpose to pull your CR.  Also, if it was a soft pull that was not seen by others, you wouldn't be able to show that it affected you in any way.


However if it was a hard pull before owning your account, you could have an FDCPA violation for a deceptive means to collect a debt or for communicating false information to the credit bureau (that they owned the account and had a business relationship with you).  Contact a NACA attorney.



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