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Involuntary Dismissed Bankruptcy


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I recently had a paralegal file a Chapter 7 pro se on November 4, 2013 and it was dismissed on November 22, 2013 due to the Declaration under Penalty of Perjury form for pro se not being filed with the packet. I never received anything in the mail stating that that there was a missing document that  I needed to file. I received the letter of dismissal on November 29, 2013. Since I have found out that I will have to liquidate my property that I live in to pay creditors so I have no interest in re-filing or re-opening. It was on my credit report as an open bankruptcy because I began to receive letters for cars in the mail. I researched and found that it will be listed on my credit report as a involuntary dismissal and will remain on my credit report and I will be penalized worse than if it was a discharged bankruptcy.


How can I have this removed from my report since I don't plan on refiling or reopening for reasons that I have a house free and clear that I don't want to have to liquidate to pay creditors. Can I remove a dismissed bankruptcy of less than 1 month old? Especially, since I did not go through with it and it is in the very beginning stages?



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