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We have an attorney in this state that we turned over to the AG, and he is being investigated and they are going to slap him hard. He is a debt collection attorney who file 1000's of cases per month. Even if he looses the case he gets awarded 450 dollars in attorney fees. He works for Med Shield.They are notorious for old debts, some of which have been paid. He wastes no time filing garnishment on his debts cases. He made 2.3 million last year. He gives us attorneys that are trying to do the right thing a very bad rep.


This case has also went to the State Supreme Court and they are investigating several small claim courts that are operating outside the jurisdiction of the courts. In Indiana small claims courts are supposed to be part of the Superior Courts but in several counties they operate on their own out side the Superior Court. They are know to be part of a forum shopping scheme that always gives a the judgement to the above named attorney.


This whole thing has led to the Indiana General Assembly and the State Supreme Court to change some rules on attorney fees. They are also looking into changing a lot of the small claims rules. These small claims court in Indiana pass judgment against the debtor with little or no evidence on part of the Plaintiff. I have seen this in my town where they rely on just the complaint to prove their case and they win, even though the defendant can prove SOL, Laches and other defenses. A few judges have been severely reprimanded and are looking at a court appearance in the State Supreme Court, facing possibly loosing their job and licensing.


Those of us who are lobbying for changes in small claims and child support laws are gaining a lot of ground. We are slowly getting rid of these judges. Some of these judges do not even have a copy of their sworn affidavit in their chambers, some do not have them on file any where. We are pushing to get them off the bench if they do not want to comply with the rules.


We are pushing hard for child support reform, the IV-D courts here will ruin a mans life over a debt, and that's all child support is. They will cancel any and all licenses a person may have, force them to loose their jobs and then when they cannot pay support they fine and imprison them on felony charges. This makes a person that is not even a criminal end up with a felony and it makes them look like they are criminals. They can never go back to those jobs they worked so hard to get. It puts them in poverty for no reason. I hope we gain some ground on this issue like we have on the small claims issues.

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