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Midland funding got default judgment. Could not validate


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Hello.  I am new to this site. Hope someone can help me.


I did not receive a summons.  Midland funding sent it to my mother's address, and I haven't lived there for years.  Also tried to serve my mother and she told them I don't live there. 


Judge granted them alternate service, but  I never received a summons.  My mother did not either. 


My mother is getting older and never keeps track of anything, including mail.  As a result Midland got a default judgment against me. 


Tried to vacate judgment twice, but was denied.  Judge said the alternate service was sufficient enough to notify me.  Also said, I do not have a meritorious defense.


I am going to try one last time to get this judgment vacated.  I was going to attach utility bills showing my name and address to show that I did not live at my mother's address at the time of original or alternate summons service.  Will this work?  


My court file shows that the alternate summons was never opened and has "return to sender" marked on it by the post office.


Also, for meritorious defense I was either going to say that I have no recollection of ever having the debt and that the debt is not mine.  Or, I was going to dispute the amount of the debt.  Someone told me that just saying the debt is not mine will not work.  Is that true?


I really just want my day in court because the judgment amount is ridiculous and I know they bought the debt for pennies on the dollar. 


I wish I had known to be in court because I know they cannot validate this debt as I have sent DV letters to them before.


Tried calling a few lawyers, but they were not helpful at all.  Any help would be appreciated.



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