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Case Dismissed! Thank you!


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I had my trial today - and of course, today I couldn't access the forums for some reason - but I had a lot of help from you guys this past week which really helped put me at ease for the trial


I spent all morning getting my objections ready, going over the rules that applied, looking into supporting case law, etc.  I had no idea if there would be a witness present, what the Plaintiff would try to submit into evidence, etc.


My trial was at 1pm.  I arrived about 10 minutes early, and there was no one but me in the courtroom.  A little after 1pm, my judge came in, and started going through the file while we waitied.


No Plaintiff.  No witness.  It's now about 15 after.....


My Judge said he'd give the Plaintiff 3 more minutes to show, and if he didn't, we'd proceed along without him.


Longest 3 minutes of my life - lol!!


Trial started, minus the Plaintiff......


SO.....the Judge dismissed my case without Prejudice, and I asked if he could dismiss WITH Prejudice, but he said that goes into some tricky territory at this point with the laws, etc....and I haven't studied up enough on that enough to argue, so we left it at that.


Then, he says to me "OK, we are off the record now.  Can I ask you something?"


I said "Of course!"


He says "I have reviewed all of your pleadings, and I was wondering.....did you do all of this yourself?  You submitted some really great stuff here.  Well written, knowledgeable and a good flow.....good job."


So a HUGE thank you to those of you who helped me on my original thread - http://www.creditinfocenter.com/community/topic/322386-trial-in-a-week-question-about-affidavit-entered-as-evidence/  Those kudos are a testament to the knowledge here on this forum, and the willingness of everyone to help each other out with these cases.

I truly believe the Plaintiff received my MIL and knew that he didn't have a case, so rather than drive to the courthouse and waste his time, he just went to lunch or something... lol!   


It just goes to show that if you are dealing with a JDB, you need to FIGHT.   xboxingx






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Congratulations, Victory 1!!!


Thank you so much for posting this good news!   We all need this kind of encouragement to know that we, too, can prevail!  Thanks again to all those who so willingly put their time and effort into helping so many strangers under such strenuous circumstances.  I'm pretty sure those of us on the receiving end are ever so grateful!!!


Frosted 1

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Way to Go man!!!!!!  :mohawk:


Usually PRA at least has someone show up to say "your honor, our client wishes to dismiss the case because..."  Some of these judges will even grant a default when the plaintiff's attorneys don't appear.


You did a great job! Don't forget to pay it forward to the next AZ posters!   ::USA::

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