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Mismatched info on TL's


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Hi all,


I'd like to start off by saying that I am so grateful that I have found this wonderful platform, in which one can get such valuable information towards repairing one's credit. I have read all the necessary topics to get started, have familiarized myself with all the jargon, have used the "search button," as instructed by many admins, but still haven't quite found what I was wondering, hence my post.


My husband and I would like to purchase our first home next summer, which is the reason why I am trying to clean up my CR. Here is the situation:


I have 2 old unpaid collections from Cap 1, while looking at my 3 CRs I noticed the following:


On first account


EQ: Date Opened- Nov 01, 2003  HB- $835 

EX: Date Opened- Nov, 2003  HB- $1,269

TU: Date Opened- Nov 15, 2003  HB- $835


On second account



EQ: Date Opened- Apr 01, 2005  HB- $949 

EX: Date Opened- Apr, 2005  HB- $1,299

TU: Date Opened- Apr 29, 2003  HB- $949


Now, these accounts are supposed to fall of my report on February and June 2014, respectively. With your extended knowledge, would you suggest that I leave these alone? Keep in mind that we are trying to buy a house by next summer if possible, or should I go ahead and dispute them through the CRAs first, hoping they come back as non-verifiable? If so, should I dispute the high balances, date opened, or "not mine"?


All your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for any insight you may be able to provide :-)







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The "Date Opened" is of no real consequence.  Its the "Date of First Delinquency" that controls how long they stay on your reports.  If that's not the same on all 3, then now is probably the time to get it corrected...in other words, dispute.


If the accounts have been with Crap 1 all this time, its a toss up as to whether or not they still have records.  That might not stop them from verifing, so you might have to go with this: http://www.creditinfocenter.com/repair/DisputingWithOriginalCreditor.shtml


The other possibility is (as a last resort), since the amounts are relatively small..talk to Crap 1 aboout paying them.

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