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2nd and 3rd charged off


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I have a 2nd and 3rd on my home that I stopped paying on 2 years ago. Got to a point where I could not afford to pay; company's would not work with me, house was upside down so I made the decision to stop paying.

Since that time both accounts have been charged off and get contacted every now and then. I have tried to settle but do not have the funds to pay (and told NOT to use my 401k) and do not want to be 1099 and then in trouble with the IRS.


I have trued and  cannot refinance my house to lower interest because the 2nd and 3rd will not suborniate, even after i told them it would free up fund to allow me to make payments, they will not. I also tried streamlining my loan (Wells Fargo) but no luch there as well. Guess I can't blame my 1st mortgage, they are getting their payment


I don't qualifiy for HARP or HAMP...so it seems my only option is to not do anything and just wait or file bankruptcy.


Are there any other options for me? I don't like living like this and want to find a course of action to fix.


Any advice is greatly appriciated.



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