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Car Just Got Taken by Sheriff's Levy. What to do?


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I'm in Florida. I had a lien put on my car four years ago from Hiday and Ricci (also Gerard Services assignee of First Select) for an old 1999 default judgment. The debt was 6k but with 10% interest is now 16k. The car is worth 13k. Well, I finally paid off the loan on the car. Now they just repossessed the car by Sheriff's levy.


Maybe I can get the judgment set aside? I can get an affidavit from the person they claimed they served in 1999 that they never did proper service and maybe try to get the judgment set aside. I can't find out from them who the original creditor was but I did request validation of all my accounts by certified mail back then. I was hit by identity theft so I did what I was told. I also had my driver's license flagged by the Attorney Generals office. Back then our local police were referring these cases to them.


But that was a long time ago. As far as exemptions go I think Florida only gives a $1000 exemption but I might be able to claim an extra $4000 if I remember correctly. Also I can't find that they filed a judgment lien certificate either.


Any ideas what can be done? Sorry I'm sort of reposting. I just got more information so I'm updating my original post.


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