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Attempting to rebuild my credit for a better future


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Hello all, 


New to the forum but I figure I could gather some uplifting thoughts and ideas for ways to rebuild my credit.

I've been really, really trying to rebuild my credit from putting $200 on a secured cc, to being able to finance a car (thankfully).  If this is the wrong place for this, by all means move to an appropriate forum.


So here goes..


22 years of age. At the age of 18 I was approved for a Chase credit card of $1500, everything was going well until I lost my job, then I tried to make payments as best as I could but they did not like that. I was unable to really start paying on this debt until, we'll say last year. The business who owns the debt agreed to settle for $750 of the $1571 for $50 a month and I only have 2 months left of this debt. Thankfully. I felt as I was progressing in the right direction.


I financed a vehicle through Santander 12/13/2012 approved for $13,000 with $10,000 left to pay off (thanks interest). All payments have been made on time. 


I have a Goodyear CC that shows on my CR that I have never used, my father who uses the same name as me and he had this card at one point and it has been closed for 3-5 years and it has been reporting to my CR and I've been getting hit pretty bad for this, I think $800 ish.


My mother and father got divorced two years ago and he left my mother with nothing, me being her son she asked could I assist her in putting DTE in my name for the moment and like a great son I agreed, I know right dumbest decision ever. So I check my credit report last night and low and behold *BAM* DTE past due for $900 with the note "Pays As Agreed". So according to the credit report because of that my scores drop 68 points, at this point I began to become depressed because I thought I was doing so well.


I took out a student loan of $1750 over the summer, but it shows that I have taken this loan out twice but I physically have only received one check. I tried contacting FedLoan but to no avail.


I have about 9 hard inquires due to me trying to get a car loan last year. 


I have the secured Capital One CC of $200 that they will not let me use my own money because when I first got applied for the card they issued a fraud alert and now I have to send all this information over and nothing is ever good enough for them to process it. This has been going on for over a year.


Experian: 548

Equifax: 562

Transunion: ??? (not "reported" yet according to freecreditreport)                                                                                                                      


So that is my story, I know, I suck at telling stories. 

Again, sorry if this isn't the placed for this.

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@ecamp91 - THe first thing to do is to dispute all the negatives on your credit report.  This includes the inquiries.  Next, try and pay off that Chase credit card. 


I don't understand what's going on with the Capital One card.  Can you explain some more.

I'm currently paying down the Chase debt and only have two payments left of that account. Is there anyway I could get them to remove the negative marks after paid off or just leave well enough alone?

The Capital One Secured CC I opened to help rebuild my credit I applied, was approved, sent in my $200 but when I received the card they attached a fraud alert along with the car requiring that I fax over my SS#, ID, and a utility bill. I sent over the items except the utility bill because I don't have one and they don't seem to understand that so they won't allow me to use my CC. But it's reporting to the credit companies.

Guess I shall get to disputing these inquiries, I also don't think it's right of a car dealer ship to pull your credit more than once and your credit take a hit because of this, I shall start typing today!!!

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